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Struggling punk rock band, Dead Pets, are still looking for their breakthrough after almost 10 years. Gordy has big plans for the group, but when you turn 30, life starts to get in the way.

Dead Pets Unleashed is a feminist, narrative, slice of life, and management-lite game about punk music, friendship and growing up; get ready to unleash your inner demon.

Playing as Gordy, you’ll go to band practice, do what you can to keep the band together, manage Gordy’s irresponsible finances and wellbeing, as well find time to earn enough money to cover rent, bills, and pretty much everything. 

From the creators of Welcome to Elk, dive into the demon world of New Void City, and give your childhood dreams one last chance.

Killer Soundtrack: Dead Pets Unleashed features a punk rock EP performed during the game

Minigames for Days: At Triple Topping, we love minigames, and Dead Pets Unleashed is no exception. With minigames including working a shift at a diner, playing a gig, and making hot dogs, the gameplay of Dead Pets will never feel stale.

A Demon City filled with Life: New Void City is filled with NPCs to befriend, with their own storylines separate from the main plot, spend Gordy’s free time however you see fit

Success is in Your Hands: There will be multiple endings to Dead Pets Unleashed – with the success of the band determined by your choices and priorities throughout the game

Cartoonish Inspirations: For fans of Bojack Horseman and Tuca and Bertie. We were inspired by their colorful, surreal worlds, long term and complicated adult friends, and zany, offbeat humor

Warning: Dead Pets Unleashed deals with mature subjects and may not be suitable for all players. There is an implied sexual assault during Episode 2 of the demo. Please see our content warnings for more info.

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