Dead Pets Unleashed is currently unrated as the game is not fully released yet, but please note that it does contain sensitive topics which will be uncomfortable for some players.

The primary content warning for the demo is an implied sexual assault.
There is a content warning in-game before the scene takes place, and you’ll have the choice to skip over the specific scene if you choose.

In one of the final scenes of Episode 2 during the demo, following the concert that Dead Pets perform, Gordy is invited to drink with Dale in a private room.
Dale is relatively sober, while Gordy becomes progressively intoxicated during the scene.
Dale proceeds to flirt with Gordy, encouraging her to drink, and ignoring her signs of being uncomfortable.
This scene cuts to a short minigame. The minigame depicts Gordy’s heart beating softly inside her chest. The player must hit a button on time to bring Gordy’s strength back. This minigame is not scored and will end when the player has succeeded in pressing the button a number of times. The player’s performance in the minigame does not affect the events in the story.
After the minigame, Dale is seen leaving the room while Gordy vomits on the couch. This scene implies that Dale takes advantage of Gordy by kissing her. This is not explicit or shown